Featured Product

KushCBD® Sleep

KushCBD® Sleep is one of our most popular formulations. This relaxing formulation may provide you with a calm and peaceful therapeutic effect.

This variant focuses on the blending of terpenes, namely Myrcene and Linalool. Myrcene has been known to have strong sedative effects, which makes it an effective sleep aid. Linalool interacts with your serotonin receptor and may help reduce stress.

This product has an enjoyable sweet after-taste and is perfect for bedtime.

KushCBD® Pain

KushCBD® Pain is a unique formulation that may help reduce the buildup of inflammation in our body due to pain.

This variant is practically effective as it combines the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD with the sedative and relaxing effects of Caryophyllene and Myrcene.

This formulation also includes Turmeric and Peppermint extract, which are also commonly used in some natural remedies to treat inflammation and pain. This product has a green-like color with an enjoyable peppermint after taste and is taken as and when pain arises.

Featured Product

KushCBD® Anxiety

KushCBD® Anxiety is a stress-reducing formulation that may help to bring about a calm and peaceful state of mind.

Anxiety may lead to a compromised immune system and we have therefore included Vitamin C to help keep your immune system strong and healthy.

We have added Lemon Grass extract, which is commonly used in tea to help combat anxiety, for added benefit, and to add a wonderful lemony after taste.

Paired with the anti-inflammatory benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), the relaxing properties of Linalool, and the sedative effects of Myrcene, this CBD oil is sure to help take a load off of your shoulders.

KushCBD® Sports Recovery

KushCBD® Sports Recovery is one of our most exciting formulations and contains effective ingredients that may help protect joints, muscles and reduce inflammation.

We have selected a unique combination of plant extracts such as Pax Ginseng and Vitamin C, that may not only protect your joints and muscles but also help to repair them and shorten recovery time.

We have blended Myrcene with Beta-Caryophyllene, with the latter having potent anti-inflammatory properties due to its ability to bind to your CB2 receptor.

KushCBD® Immune Boost

KushCBD® Immune Boost is a powerful boosting formulation that may effectively help build and strengthen your immune system.

Packed with Vitamin C and Sweet Orange Oil extract, this formulation may just give your immune system the kick it needs to stay strong and healthy.

We have infused CBD with Myrcene and the elevating effects of Limonene to help reduce inflammation while providing an elevated therapeutic effect.

With a sweet aftertaste, everyone in the family can enjoy it.

KushCBD® Energy

KushCBD® Energy is an energizing and revitalizing formulation that is packed with an abundance of energy and focus promoting plant extracts and vitamins.

This variant combines the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD with Limonene and Pinene, which may help reduce fatigue and boosts your focus. This formulation also includes Vitamin C, which adds a further boost of energy to your body and may help strengthen your immune system.

This product has delicious energy drink after taste and is sure to keep you focused and energized throughout your day.

KushCBD® Quick Release Chewable Tablets

KushCBD® Quick Release Cannabidiol Chewable Tablets have convenience in mind.

Considered a quick and easy alternative to CBD oils, these professionally formulated tablets provide superior bio-availability through sublingual absorption.

These tablets are formulated to dissolve in your mouth while chewing, which greatly increases the bio-availability of CBD and reduces the time it takes to provide relief.

Enhanced with eucalyptus, these peppermint chewable are tasty and effective.

KushCBD® Slow Release Capsules 

KushCBD® Capsules are formulated to proved an exact dosage of CBD, all in one capsule.

This ensures you able to effectively get a daily dose of 20mg CBD, while proving a convenient alternative to CBD oils.

These capsules are slow to dissolve and will provide you with a prolonged therapeutical effect and are best enjoyed in the evenings as they may assist with sleep and prolonged pain relief.

KushCBD® Repair Balm

KushCBD® Repair Balm is designed and formulated to be applied topically to affected areas and contains active ingredients which may help reduce pain and repair skin cells.

Once applied topically the cream is absorbed into the body and helps the active ingredients to provide relief to an affected area or region.

This product has a wonderful natural smell and will help keep your joints, muscles, and skin feeling strong and healthy.

KushCBD® Mango Butter

KushCBD® Mango Butter is designed with elegance and beauty in mind. This aromatic formulation contains essential oils and vitamins to help restore elasticity and softness to your skin. It can also be used to add shine to dry skin or hair.

This product contains refined mango butter and terpenes to help promote a natural and soothing therapeutical effect to affected areas or regions.

Once applied topically the ingredients will immediately moisturize your skin or hair and provide you with the essentials it needs to stay healthy.