About KushCBD®

The KushCBD® brand consists of a range of cannabinoid-based complementary medicines and products, manufactured and produced in South Africa.

Each variant of our ever-expanding range has been professionally formulated and contains relief-specific ingredients, which are of the highest international quality, and are manufactured in a certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) manufacturing facility.

We are committed to the transparency and efficacy of our products. We ensure each batch is tested in-house for potency, heavy metals, and contaminants, and then tested again by an accredited third-party laboratory.

Thorough testing enables us to deliver safe and effective products, consistently and reliably.

KushCBD® hopes to become a household brand in our beautiful country and to set the standard for cannabinoid-based medicines. We are confident that our ever-expanding range can help you find a CBD product that will suit your preferences and needs.

Our Operations

In 2018 South Africa saw the legalization of cannabis for personal consumption, which helped commercial cannabis expansion across our country. The government had to swiftly develop new regulations and classifications regarding the manufacture, distribution, and sale of cannabis products.

KushCBD® was founded in line with these new regulations and we were able to convert our analytical testing facility, with over 30 years of experience, into a fully operational, certified GMP manufacturing facility.

Our manufacturing facility produces a wide variety of cannabinoid-based products and is constantly expanding with the acquisition of additional manufacturing equipment. 

It is our goal to be one of the preferred and trusted cannabis-only pharmaceutical manufacturers in South Africa.

Our Promise

Innovation, responsibility & education are the cornerstones of KushCBD®. 

Our operations have developed and grown in line with regulations in South Africa, but we remain steadfast in our ambition to be innovative when it comes to our product offering.  We are constantly looking at ways to not only improve our operations, to produce better quality products, but to also develop our range to accommodate each and every aspect of a potential client’s needs.

It is the responsibility of each and every cannabis brand and company in South Africa to ensure they remain compliant with regulations and adhere to requirements. This is something we at KushCBD® pride ourselves on. We will always ensure we remain fully compliant and provide only the most reliable products to our customers.

We understand that this growing industry can only develop if we remain committed to educating our consumers with factually correct information to better equip them, to make informed decisions, when purchasing a cannabinoid-based product or medicine.

KushCBD® aims to simplify education regarding cannabis by making our product offering as informative as possible.